Project objectives

The bullying project proposals have become part of socio-relationship awkwardness and for the prevention of bullying phenomenon including its peculiarities (discrimination of differences, cyberbullying and abuse of power in general) and promoting a sense of acceptance and non-aggressive behaviour to more than 100 students till 2019.

The aims of the project are:

– getting to know the bullying problem, in its specifics and effects, to do prevention making public opinion of the students about this problem, to find an appropriate solution to this problem;

– strengthening a sense of social justice to promote confidence and support with peers and with the other involved actors ;

– building the ability to work in a multicultural group, using focus group, circle time and cooperative learning;

– getting to know new forms and methods of learning and teaching;

– creative use of knowledge in different life situations;

– bulding motivation for learning through taking part in innovative activities;

– learning from each other;

– using modern technology for learning and for creative activities;

– building students’ digital and media skills and competences to  promote active citinzenship and involvement;

– building information and critical understanding about digital technology to stop cyberbullying, tecnostress and other dependencies;

– strengthening the digital comunication as pattern of innovation and globalization of the partecipation;

– using English in different types of activities;

– developing students’ and teachers’ creativity;

– developing interests in both students’ and other countries culture;

– undertaking different types of creative activities.